Thomas A. Gugler

President Worldchefs

Dear friends and colleagues from all around the globe.

Looking forward seeing you all at the inaugural Danang International Food Festival 2019 in Vietnam.

I am very happy and proud in exploring the continuous growth and influence of this festival which started several years back in Hoi An and I am very proud that it went to a much bigger scale exposure in relocating it to Danang.

A larger scale melting pot of cultures and visiting tourists. From a small event as it started in Hoi An it became now to a much bigger and more influential stage as Danang is giving it a much bigger value.

Vietnamese cuisine and all the related culinary aspects are stunning and amazing and highly appreciated by food lovers from all around the world. It will be a fantastic cook off where food from all parts of the world can be tasted. 16 well recognized and reputed chefs from around the globe will give you the chance to taste their home land cuisine.

Looking forward welcoming the chefs this year in Danang and I am confident and sure that this event will be stunning.

Best culinary regards!



Nguyen Xuan Binh


Within the last few years, Da Nang has emerged as a new and attractive destination and been highly recognized by plenty of international magazines. To name a few, Da Nang is ranked 15 in Top 52 most attractive destination in 2019 by the New York Times (the US) as the “Miami of Vietnam”, the top-notch destination for events and festivals in 2016 by the World Tourism Award, Top 10 leisure destination in Asia in 2016 by the Smart Travel Asia Magazine, , Top 10 most worth-living abroad in 2018 by the world famous tourism magazine “Live and Invest Overseas” and Top 10 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam in 2017 by the Rough Guides Magazine. Non Nuoc Beach was also ranked no. 10 in Top 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia by TripAvisor in 2017. Da Nang has gained more and more attention from the tourists worldwide and become the must-visit destination in Vietnam.

To achieve the above-mentioned results, Da Nang has put huge investment in premium tourism facilities, created worth-visiting events and festivals as wells as lots of famous attractions upgraded continuously. Together with spreading the tourism images of Da Nang to the world, Da Nang tourism industry has continuously renewed the tourism promotion methods, especially utilizing the promotional activities right in Da Nang city. In 2019, in a continuously great effort to turn Da Nang into a destination of events and festivals, promote local culture and cuisine to attract and lengthen tourists’ stay in Da Nang, the Department of Tourism has persuaded the Peoples’ Committee to organize Da Nang International Food Festival 2019 (DNIFF 2019) in June 2019. This is the first time Da Nang hosted this event with the large scale and diverse activities, creating the connection between Vietnam and world cuisine. Da Nang International Food Festival 2019 (DNIFF 2019) honorably welcomes Mr. Thomas Gugler – The President of the World Chefs Association and 12 international chefs who are the gourmet experts, the extraordinary members of the World Chef Association, the Head Chefs of the famous restaurants in Germany, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, the US, India, Australia, China, Malaysia, Lebanon.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Binh – The Lead Organiser of the Da Nang International Food Festival 2019 (DNIFF 2019) stated: With the strong belief that tourism is the bridge to introduce the image of Da Nang city to the world, by showcasing the beauty of regional and local food, Da Nang International Food Festival 2019 (DNIFF 2019) will be a unique event, boosting Da Nang image in the world tourism map and becoming one of the not-to-miss event in Da Nang.

Happy Hapugasdeniya

Founder & CEO
Once again Danang is in the map with a great culinary event. Having introduced first three international food festival in Hoi An, I am honored to receive the invitation to introduce the Inaugural Danang International Food Festival.

Danang is my first entry city to Vietnam and the tourism boost last ten years inspired me to get excited about central Vietnam. Danang will be the next most vibrant beach city in Asia. New York Times ranked 15th must visit city in the world this year and their is no better time to introduce the great chefs from around the world to showcase their National food and their culture.

I am delighted to be part of this beautiful cities growth and honored to introduce this magical event to Danang and the Central Vietnam community.

Hope you can come to the event and enjoy the delights from around the world.

Looking forward to meeting you all during the event.

Da Nang – ranked 15 in the top 52 not-to-miss destination in 2019 by the New York Times, is considered as the ‘Miami of Vietnam’ with the unique culture of events and festivals. In Da Nang, one of the most expected cuisine events is the Da Nang International Food Festival, from 02/06 to 06/06/2018 on the East Side of Dragon Bridge, Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang.

This year, the Da Nang International Food Festival will be upgraded with lots of activities and sub-programs, connecting the local and international gastronomy. At the event, tourists can enjoy various kind of international food preparing by famous international chefs at the International Food Corner. The festival welcomes the attendance of chefs from 13 countries, namely the USA, Germany, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Sweden, Lebanon, India, Greece, China, Turkey they are the world-class chefs and the honour members of the World Chefs Association  as well as the head chefs at the top restaurants in their home countries. In particular, the DNIFF 2019 greets Mr. Thomas Andreas Gugler  - President of the World Chef Association, the co-founder and managing members of the Saudi Arabia Chef Association.

Together with the performance of local cuisines from each country, the attending chefs can also visit and experience the main attractions in Da Nang during the festival. In addition, there are diverse food and entertainment areas in Da Nang such as Food and Souvenir Corner in Da Nang, Photo Exhibition, the music show ‘Da Nang Night’, bartender performance...

With the aim to promote and spread the tourism brand of Da Nang city to world via cuisine, the DNIFF 2019 will be an attractive and unforgettable event for tourists and Da Nang people in 2019.

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