INDIA - The Paradise of ingredients

India – A country well-known not only for its significant development in religion but also for the unique flavour of exotic Indian cuisine. Visiting India, you will be amused by the distinctive characteristics of cuisine between the North and South India.

Indian food is also heavily influenced by religion. Since Muslims do not use pork and Hindu do not use beef, chicken, goat, lamb and seafood are popular food in India. Indians eat rice like many other Eastern countries; however, their way of cooking rice has many differences. Firstly, rice is stir-fried with butter or oil, and then water is poured into the rice to cook. When the rice is almost done, spices such as pepper, cumin, cinnamon… and fish, meat, vegetables are put into the rice.

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Additionally, spices are very diverse in Indian cuisine. This country is known as the paradise of such spices as chilli, mustard, fennel, cinnamon, clove, laurel, mint, turmeric, curry leaves, ginger, coriander and saffron. The most special ingredient is curry leave, which is the combination of five main seeds: fennel seeds, turmeric powder, mustard seeds and chilli powder. This ingredient can be used to cook many dishes when it is fresh, dried or ground into powder to mix with food. These ingredients bring the distinctive flavour and color to Indian food , especially they can also help to cure diseases and enhance Indians’ health. Curry is present in many dishes of Indian such as chicken curry, egg curry, vegetable curry…

Nowadays, Indians tend to follow a vegetarian diet to purify their mind according to Buddhism and to protect their health. Also, Indians have a taste for sweets, especially there is an research institute about sugar, which proves that sugar plays a vital role in Indian cuisine.

If you want to enjoy exquisite dishes from India with the skillful hands of Chef Sanjay Thakur, why don’t you participate in Danang International Food Festival 2019 held from June 2nd to 6th 2019 at the East side of Dragon Bridge, Son Tra District, Da Nang City. Apart from India, you can also enjoy different cuisines from 12 countries coming to Da Nang. Don’t hestitate and join us quickly!

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