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Malaysian cuisine has been famous for its long history and various flavors. The mix of cultural ethnics and peoples has created a cuisine with a fascinating blend of spices, taste and processing techniques. The people of Malaysia are easy-going, open and warm-hearted, all of these personalities have blended into their culinary style. Malaysia has accumulated all the best features of its neighbors and combined them to create a distinctly distinctive culinary art.

The food in Malaysia is usually spicy, fragrant, prepared with diverse spices, herbs, and fresh roots which are easily found in Southeast Asia. Dried spices play an important role in Malaysian cooking techniques, numerous spices are used in daily meals such as dill, coriander, cardamom, cloves, star anise, mustard, cinnamon … Other herbs such as galangal, turmeric, Thai lime leaves, flower buds or ginger buds and pineapple leaves enrich the flavor, quality of meats and seafood. Along with China and India, Malaysia is one of 03 countries with a culinary background that attracts many visitors because of the rich and diverse flavors.

Like many other countries in Southeast Asia, rice is a regular food in Malaysia, served with meat, vegetables, curry and spices like sambal sauce. And obviously, Malaysian cuisine always has the presence of different types of seafood that has been caught along the coast. Fish, squid, shrimp and crabs are available in the daily diet of Malaysians and are often marinated with a mixture of spices and herbs before being cooked. Vegetables are usually fried, stir-fried or eaten raw with a spicy sambal sauce.

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The majority of Malaysians are Muslims, so you won’t find many dishes with pork, beef, sheep and goats.

For vegetarians, when going to Malaysia, they will have difcuty in eating and drinking as  there will be poultry and seafood in most dishes.

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Coconut is the favorite ingredient in Malaysia. It is no surprise that this is the third fastest growing tropical tree in Malaysia. Coconut juice increases the fatness of curries and creates a characteristic flavor of Malaysian food. In addition, all other parts of the coconut are also used, nothing is wasted.

Traveling to Malaysia, diners will not be able to miss the feeling of experiencing most traditional Malaysian specialties at small street stalls like: Nasi Lemak rice (rice cooked with coconut water and pineapple leaves) , noodles served with curry or fish (Laska), spicy beef curry (Renang beef), Kolo Mee noodles, satay barbecue.

And now, this June, there’s nothing better than the fact that you don’t need to visit Malaysia but still be able to taste the dishes of the Southeast Asian tropical cuisine paradise at the Danang International Food Festival 2019 prepared by Chef Luke Shawan Mendis. Please refer to the information on the website www.dniff.com for any interesting activities!

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