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If you have the chance of visiting Mexico, you will be amazed by not only its gorgeous beauty but also its unique cuisine blended among America, Spain, Aztex and Maya. As dynamic and interesting as the culture of this country, Mexican cuisine is globally well-known for its rich and enchanting flavor.

The impression comes from diverse flavors, colorful presentations and a wide variety of spices and ingredients which are local materials. Mexican cuisine has been developed for thousands of years, resulting from the combination between cuisine in the pre-Columbus aboriginals and foreign influences (after 16th century). In 2010, Mexico’s cuisine was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Mexico’s food varies from regions to regions due to the influence of climate, geography and different ethnics. While the Northern people prefer beef, goat, ostrich with the typical dish Arrachera (a grilled meat), the Eastern people have a taste for vegetables and chicken. Because of the geographical elements, food of this region is also influenced by the coastal Carribean residents with shrimp, fish… Their typical dish is a la veracruzana, which is the combination between yellow stripe trevally and ketchup.

Almost every region in Mexico has their own cuisine style. For example, at Yucatan, sweetness is the most popular flavor; whereas, Oaxacan is famous for basil combined with meat and chilli. Jalisco is most well-known for goat combined with ketchup.

Nowadays, Mexicans usually combine several international dishes with their local cuisine. For instance, sushi is eaten with sauces made from mango or tamarind. They also find a way to promote their cuisine to the world. Especially in Amecia, many Mexican dishes, ranging from traditional to modern style, are present in restaurants in Texas, Arizona, California…

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Mexico is an interesting country! This North America nation impresses tourists not only by its stunning and delicate combination but also by its colorful and flavory cuisine. This is probably one of the reasons for the unique contribution of Mexican food to the global cuisine map, which also maintains an important role in the “soul” of gourmets.

Danang International Food Festival 2019

Missioned to introduce the unique Mexican cuisine to “Danang International Food Festival 2019” is Chef Ray McCue. It is believed that Master Chef of World Association of Chefs’ Societies will bring the most authentic Mexican cuisine from the local ingredients of Viet Nam.

— Suong Phan (Translator) —

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