Any country in the world boasts its own national cuisine related to its history and culture. In the case of Sri Lanka, the country has been colonised in hundred years, it can be said that Sri Lankan cuisine is the mix of cuisines from various countries such as India, Netherlands, Portugal, England, Saudi Ariba and Malaysia. In particular, the cuisine of the Southern India has great infulenced in Sri Lanka. The dinners can find curry and rice in most of dishes in Sri Lanka. Still this country has remained its uniquess that can not found anywhere else in the world.

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The various ways in processing curry is one of the most unquie points of Sri Lankan food. Compared to India, Sri Lanka possesses diverse version of curries, namely fish curry, jackfruit curry, meatball curry, sugar beet curry, crab curry, vegetable curry, lentils curry, onions curry… A lot of families also grow vegetables and curry leaves in the garden to diversify their daily meals.

Also, not to mention the ingredients, there are numerous fresh produces, fruits and spices in tropical Sri Lanka. The freshness is the tip for high-quality meals in this country; thus, most of people here usually go shopping for fresh food a lot of time a day. Well-known as the island of spices, most food here is colorful and really flavoury, making all dinners to feel the explosion of flavours. The not-to-miss ingredients in Sri Lanka is peppers, chillies, garlics, ginger, curry leaves, dill and coconut. Coconut presents in numerous food here. Coconut rice and coconut water has been cooked in different ways, and have been regarded as the secret weapon to differentiate Sri Lankan food. It is even thought as the spice in this country.

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While India has significantly influenced the main courses, desserts in Sri Lanka has been affected by England, Netherlands, Portugal. Even so, Sri Lanka has its own attractiveness to dinners around the world.

So…what are you waiting for? Let’s go to Danang International Food Festival 2019 (DNIFF 2019) from 2nd to 6th June at the East side of Dragon Bridge, Da Nang to get the chance to enjoy the food prepared by Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe – Sri Lanka, who are the world-class chef and the one and only chef gaining 9 gold medals at the Olympic Food 2004 and 2006!

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